UPCOMING REPORT: INDONESIA Transforming Education in Indonesia COMING SOON "President Joko Widodo is taking leaps in key sectors that require a lot of courage and talent to realize, and I think Indonesia is in a unique position because of this." Nadiem Makarim, Minister of Education, Culture, Research and Technology PUBLISHED IN THE FALL ISSUE Leading Schools Embrace Sustainability as Core Tenant SEE REPORT Top-ranked schools are meeting change by embracing a shift towards green practices, new methods of delivering education and improved diversity PUBLISHED IN THE SPRING ISSUE European Business Schools for the Future SEE REPORT Join us in learning how Europe's top ranked business schools are adapting to the new paradigm triggered by the pandemic. INTERVIEW Interview with Jikyeong Kang, President, Asian Institute of Management READ THE INTERVIEW "The role of business education is to produce skillsets required by industry. We are agile and can act on what we believe to be the latest trends." COMING UP NEXT Outstanding Universities of the World INTERVIEW Interview with Prof. Peter Tufano, Dean of Oxford Saïd Business School READ THE INTERVIEW "I would contend that the best way to encourage business students to be socially responsible is to ask them to confront huge systemic issues so that they can appreciate how many different interests collide." MEDIA PARTNER Foreign Policy READ MORE HERE Devoted to the coverage of global affairs COMING UP NEXT Creating responsible leaders SOON MORE Higher education’s critical role in setting the foundation for ethical and responsible leadership.

The President of EFMD Global  shares his insight into the key issues affecting management education today.

Education sector calls on collaboration for the advancement of society

Higher education’s critical role in setting the foundation for ethical and responsible leadership.

The continent’s top management educators usher in new models of education for leadership that will meet the needs of all stakeholders in the post-COVID world.

“We don’t want to get back to business as usual; this is a period of adaptation that we want to take advantage of and implement changes for future years.”

Prof. Eric Cornuel, President of EFMD Global

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