Global Leaders of Education

Prisma Reports is launching its curated series “Global Leaders of Education” in partnership with Foreign Policy magazine to highlight today’s opportunities in higher learning. Students and parents, on the one hand, and academia and administrators on the other, are facing a new paradigm and have questions that we aim to answer. 

European Business Schools for the Future

The seismic impact of COVID-19 has catalyzed many of us to take action to change our futures. As an illustration, Europe’s business schools saw a 24% increase in applications last year, according to the Graduate Management Admission Council, with experts predicting 2021 will see even stronger competition to secure places at the most admired institutions. At the same time, those top schools and universities are reshaping the future of management education to meet the substantially different needs that global students, businesses and society will have in the post-COVID era.

Outstanding Universities of the World

The start of the new decade brought with it renewed enthusiasm on key global issues. Climate action, for example, finally became the focal point of discussions at the World Economic Forum in Davos late January 2020. How little did we know then that the world was to soon be thrust into a whirlwind of unprecedented uncertainty. Less than two months after world leaders gathered in Davos the WHO declared officially the covid-19 pandemic.


The ensuing Great Lockdown gave learning institutions little choice but to be propelled into a period of rapid transformation and change. Covid-19 prompted educators from across the globe to act quickly and take strategic decisions to adapt to the new paradigm.
Graduate level institutions in particular have had to implement immediate and widespread adjustments to guarantee program continuity and safety for their students and staff. Disruption in the learning environment ensued, bringing digital platforms to the fore and sparking new, innovative methods to further academic goals. With challenge always comes opportunity.